There are different methods many homeschoolers use or refer to. These are not completely separate- one is actually called 'eclectic’! We can point you towards a variety of resources, and sometimes there are so many resources available, it is overwhelming and difficult to choose. We can help with that. Or, more seasoned families might have their minds made up- we will support your choices. We will never make you use a curriculum or resource that does not fit you, your family, or your students.

Totem is here to help you, your family, and your student, with your student’s education.

  • What the goal is for your student- is your choice
  • What methods you use to achieve it- is your choice
  • How you determine them achieving it- is your choice

If you don’t know what choices you have, or if you don’t know what to choose, we are here to help show you the choices, narrow them down, and try them out until you find one that fits you, your family, and your student.

Totem is here to help you navigate it all. 

What can homeschooling look like in daily life? What qualifies as a learning opportunity? What can useful assessment look like? Learning does not have to be received only from someone else, with a worksheet or a test, during a rigid schedule. We have tools, resources, and knowledge to help. Reach out to us as much as you need! We can offer support on how to extend and enrich your homeschooling experience.


At Totem, we are supportive of removing barriers so that our students can participate in their local school athletics while enrolled with Totem. This can look different for Middle School and High School, and can depend on each school or district you want to work with (remember, we are a statewide program with students all over the state).

We can help you navigate the other school requirements, etc. so your student has a better chance to access and participate in the local programs.

Reach out to your contact teacher for more assistance!

Social Opportunities

If you would like, we can help you brainstorm how to engage in or cultivate more social opportunities for your students. What could that look like in your area? How can Totem assist you?

Reach out to your contact teacher for more assistance!

Opportunity Sourcing

If you would like, we can help you Opportunity Source. This is similar to outsourcing. However, since you remain the Primary Home Educator, it is still in your hands. (Versus with outsourcing it is more where someone else is providing everything.)  Do you want to opportunity source for your student's Math class? Or for Woodworking? Or for Fitness? These are usually handled by Vendors, and we can help you find and connect with those vendors- be they local or beyond.

Reach out to your contact teacher for more assistance!


  • Hydaburg online library
    • The World Library Foundation is the world's largest collection of Books and Articles in electronic format.
    • Please contact for the username and password to log in!
  • Renaissance STAR Assessments
    • These are available for students to take at any point in the school year. Numerous reports are available.
    • Please contact for the username and password to log in!

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