Why our families choose Totem!

“I truly like that they are small and intimate. Myself and my kids are not just another number with them.”

“Awesome place to learn how beautiful homeschool is.”

“I appreciate that the support is available but not intrusive. I also appreciate that the different and quirky curricula that works for us is supported.”

“The freedom to teach my child how we want to. All of the resources they provide to help make this experience and our family successful.”


“Our family has been with Totem for several years. We love the guidance we get from the staff, helping us parents understand how to navigate the needs of our college bound high school students!

Having a wide variety of options for earning credits has been great for combating student boredom! 5* for this program!”

“This was my families first year with Totem, but not our first to homeschool. We became responsible for homeschooling two extra kids at the second quarter mark and most options were closed for accepting new students. We called [Contact Teacher] with Totem, a bit desperately, and she was super helpful! She pleasantly surprised me by confirming that, not only were new students still being accepted so late in the game, but they could STILL receive partial allotment funding!! .

She helped us purchase MacBooks using said monies directly from the school, showed me the programs available to Totem students at reduced rates (ie hello acellus!), and answered all of our new to high schooling questions (credit requirements!!) She has truly been a blessing and I’ve found her and Totem more than capable of meeting (and surpassing!!) our needs. Teacher response times are superior, the support we receive is extremely personalized, the allotment is competitive and we have more freedom of choice with how we can spend it.

We’ll be choosing Totem (and [Contact Teacher]!!) again for our homeschooling next year!”

“I have had my kids in Idea (10 years ago) and Matsu Central (4 years ago) but this year I wanted an Anchorage based school and chose Totem Correspondence. I have felt the most lost and un-organized because this time I would full time and have very little extra time to keep up with a new program. [Contact Teacher] has been absolutely AMAZING. She has never made me feel bad and has only used words of encouragement with me trying to work full time and still home school (which is NOT easy).

I would recommend Totem to anyone wanting to try home school. Totem is by far the easiest to work with, as long as you understand their guideline. Their guidelines are also very logical- you just need to read them!”

Contact Teacher Feedback

“[Contact Teacher] is very understanding and tries to meet the unique needs of each family. She is creative and reminds me of the flexibility we have in home schooling our choice. She is responsive and caring. She digs into questions that we have and is always willing to work with us on identifying the best options for our child’s education.”

“[Contact Teacher] is amazing! She guided me through my first quarter and we have adjusted in a wonderful way to learn differently. Homeschooling looked very challenging to me at the beginning. But she made it all so much easier for me! I will forever be grateful to her!”

“[Contact Teacher] is easily reached and responsive. She has good suggestions and always encourages us to find what works best with our students.”

“[Contact Teacher] is such a strong hard-working teacher. She even answers me on late nights, weekends. I have no complaints, she is just such a dedicated person. We love her!”

“[Contact Teacher] is always helpful and available for questions. She has a very positive attitude and makes homeschooling easier.”

“[Contact Teacher] has great ideas and is encouraging. Responds quickly and does everything she says she will.”

“Always available and more than willing to help but also never asks for too much time and attention from parents.”