Tutoring Options

Totem Correspondence may provide some tutoring in person, via video conferencing, phone, email, FaceTime or other media. However, if the need for academic tutoring is ongoing throughout the school year, it is best to get a private tutor. If the tutoring is needed for a course listed on the student’s ILP, it can be reimbursed from the student allotment. If you need help finding tutoring services, we are happy to provide recommendations.

There is a variety of tutoring services available throughout Alaska (in-person, online, tele., etc.). There are also many nationwide services available no matter where you live (on-line, tele.).

As you know, Totem Correspondence does not like to limit our families with an “approved” list of any kind. However, we wanted to have some kind of a list to help our families in their search for assistance when the need for a tutor may arise. So, we decided to create a basic list of ‘local’ Alaska tutoring services.

The list below is based on a simple website search and a quick review of places. Other services may be available as well. Some of these are larger organizations, some are individuals offering their expertise. Some may be able to bill your insurance. All could be reimbursed from your student’s allotment.

As always, feel free to reach out to your contact teacher for any assistance or support!

Remember, there are several services available that are not in-state or Alaska specific. One that we know more about is Outschool. There are several independent teachers on there who offer individual tutoring.

Totem Correspondence makes no recommendations for or against any of these resources. 

*If one of our families is aware of a tutor they would like added to this list, just let your contact teacher know!

**If you are a vendor/tutor and you would like to be included in this list, please feel free to reach out to us at: totem@hydaburg.k12.ak.us