Totem Tots

Totem TotsFor years now we have had an awesome preschool program called Totem Tots, where 3- and 4- year-old siblings of K-12 enrolled students receive a Totem Tot Bag of curated items that support early learning through play, art, literature, etc. There is a bag for 3-year-olds, and a bag for 4-year-olds.

We are one of many homeschool programs who do not have an official state-funded preschool program, however, we know the value of early exposure to, and practice with, educational concepts through play, art, and literature. This is why we have chosen to fund our Totem Tot preschool program. This is how we love to support learning within our Totem families!

Some exciting news: Our vision of Totem Tots is expanding!
From May 2024 through the 24/25 school year, we are piloting an addition to our preschool program.

Any 4-year-old in the State of Alaska can enroll!!

*Entrance spots are limited

Our intent is twofold

  • Support local families in the child’s preschool years
  • Start building a relationship that we hope would then continue into the enrolled Kindergarten year and beyond.

What all preschoolers will receive

  1. A Totem Tot Bag of items (3-year-old bag or 4-year-old bag)
  2. Inclusive support of: our communications, activities, opportunities, conferences, support staff, etc.

Actions to take

If you have a K-12 student enrolled in Totem, and your preschooler is age 3 or 4 before October 1, 2024

Complete and turn in the Totem Tot Enrollment Form.
Remember, there is no charge for the items, and it does not come out of your enrolled student's allotment!

If you do NOT have any other student officially enrolled in Totem, but your child is/will be 4 years old before October 1, 2024

Complete and turn in the Totem Tot Participation Form.
There is no charge for the items. *Spots are limited.

Other important notes

  • In either situation, families may sign up for Totem Tots from May- August of a school year. *Totem Tot Participant spots are limited and may close earlier at any time.
  • Totem Tot bags can be picked up, delivered, or mailed. Bags are put together in September and sent out in October.
  • Images of previous Totem Tot bags are on our website. Items may vary each year, but the purpose and intent will remain the same.

Past Tot Bags